Candidate Endorsements

Given that CCAR advocates for homeownership and property rights, it is key that we support candidates that share similar priorities. These are important decisions, and they are not made in a vacuum. Our Endorsement Committee is tasked with interviewing and determining support for political candidates in Clark County. The endorsement committee is a group of REALOR members from the following committees:


      • Executive Committee – The President or President-Elect or a member of the Board of Directors appointed by the Executive Committee. The President-Elect shall automatically be appointed as an Alternate and may also serve as the RPAC member representative on an Independent Expenditure Sub-Committee.

      • Government Affairs – Chair and a member of the committee appointed by the Government Affairs Committee

      • RPAC Committee- Chair and a member of the committee appointed by the RPAC Committee.

    The Endorsement Committee will work to ensure that candidate support is based upon REALTOR Party values and in coordination of Association goals.