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CCAR Board Nomination and Voting FAQs

We accept the form throughout the year and can even assign leadership mentors to help you get ready!

CLICK HERE to apply for a Board of Director position. 

Congrats on completing the first step (filling out the application) to run for a CCAR Director position! 

The next steps?

Step 2. CCAR will need a bio and a headshot so that we can put them in the online voting system. If we are not supplied a headshot, we will use one that is found online.

Step 3. We will need a pre-recorded video (easily done these days from a cell phone,  ZOOM etc. Our staff is also happy to schedule a zoom meeting to record the video) which will be shown at our Membership Meeting scheduled in September. That is the meeting in which the slate of candidates will be announced and candidate videos will be played. 

TIPS FOR THE VIDEO! Normally candidates answer a few points such as:

  • Who you are and what are your qualifications?
  • What goals would you have as a director?
  • Why members should vote for you.

Your Applicant Candidate Statement (that paragraph that you supplied in your application) will be broadcast to our membership but that is not enough to get you elected. Remember that most elections are contested, which brings us to step 4.

Step 4. You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to use your sphere of influence and get your office and colleagues to vote! 

Other Notes:

  • Voting opens in September and closes right before the October business meeting.

RESOURCES: Not necessarily for REALTOR boards but relevant to any non-profit leadership campaign

Any Primary and Secondary REALTOR® member in good standing is eligible to vote.

REALTOR Director: 2 to 3 in any given year. These are three-year term positions.

Affiliate Director: 1, one-year term position.

The first step is always calling for nominations through a broad range of communication and outreach.

The second step allows for interested candidates to fill out an application. 

The third step is the convening of The Nominating Committee. They vet and review the applications and are dedicated to implementing and overseeing this process. 

  • Each candidate must meet the following qualifications:
    Must be a REALTOR® member in good standing with CCAR.
  • Must have a valid email address.
  • Must attend a Professional Standards class and/or a mandatory Professional Standards Committee training annually.
  • Must attend a New Director Orientation.
  • Must be actively engaged in the real estate industry and hold an active real estate license from the State of Washington (Exception for Affiliate Director Positions)
  • Strongly encouraged to be an investor in RPAC.
  • Strongly encouraged to be serving on a committee of CCAR, Washington REALTORS or the National Association of REALTORS.
  • Cannot miss more than 4 meetings a year.

DIRECTOR: A candidate for a Director position must have a minimum of one [1] year as a member of CCAR.

NOTE: With changes in our bylaws made in 2019, Officers of the board are now elected by serving Directors. Any director that is elected can possibly be elected to an Executive position on the Board of Directors. 

All voting is done through our membership management system (MMSI). This ensures that only qualified members are voting. CCAR Member Portal (mmsi2.com)

Uncontested candidates that meet the candidate criteria are automatically elected at the October business meeting. They will be listed on the ballot to allow for any voting from the floor to take place at the October business meeting. In this manner, we allow for all members to vote their conscience. 

We are proud to present five candidates for the 2024 CCAR Board of Directors Election!

This year’s member-wide election is NOW OPEN until October 20, 2023 at 5pm. Results will be announced at our October 24th Membership Happy Hour at Royal Oaks from 4pm – 6pm. CLICK HERE to purchase your drink/entry ticket. 

All voting is done through our membership management system (MMSI). This ensures that only qualified members are voting. CCAR Member Portal (mmsi2.com)


Candidate Videos

What are the candidates passionate about? Get to know them better in just a few seconds!

Myra Brock

  • Company: Resettle Realty
  • Position: REALTOR Director
  • Committees: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
  • Leadership: Chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Professional Standards Candidate Statement: I have enjoyed getting involved with and chairing the DEI committee and learning more about the behind-the-scenes on how things happen or get done in our industry. Having a voice and making a difference in the community we live in I think is very important.  The best way I can contribute to this good cause is to get even more involved in other committees, starting with applying to be a part of the board of directors at CCAR.  I still have a lot to learn but I hope my reputation and years of experience in real estate would allow me to be elected to be part of this team of dedicated real estate professionals.  I promise to do the best I can if granted the opportunity to be a Realtor Director. 

Amil Haddad

  • Company: Century 21 Cascade
  • Position: REALTOR Director
  • Committees: Young Professionals Network
  • Leadership: YPN Vice Chair

Professional Standards Candidate Statement: I take pride in what I do as a REALTOR and the dedication it takes to build a good business in the real estate field. It’s a tough business to be in and as realtors we often get a bad reputation compared to a car salesmen. From my experience and those that had mentored me who are top agents, I have learned that it is quite the opposite. For those looking to make a career in real estate it takes diligence, education, market knowledge, skill and integrity. I want to ensure that we preserve our profession and continue to work to have like minded professionals serving our community in the best way possible with laws both local and on the national level that will allow us to do so. I come from a finance background and I take a wholistic approach when advising my clients. My advice is tailored to them and in consideration of their whole financial picture. So to me when a clients trusts me to help them find/sell the biggest investment they will likely make in their life, it doesn’t mean just buying or selling a house; it could mean a strategy to achieve their financial freedom, a step in a plan to build generational wealth, a legacy they can leave to their future children or family members, and it means working with someone that understands the gravity of being a homeowner. This also means working with a professional that’s in it for their benefit, not just for a pay check. Real estate is so much more than just selling a home. 

David Knode

  • Company: John L Scott
  • Position: REALTOR Director
  • Committees: CCAR Board of Directors, REALTOR Political Action Committee
  • Leadership: CCAR Executive Committee, Treasurer
  • Designations: CRB, GRI

Professional Standards Candidate Statement: I feel my 25 years of Brokerage Management gives me a unique understanding of both sides of the coin… Firm needs and Broker needs.  I enjoy the challenges of this industry that are changing as we blink.  We must come together to be stronger in the future!

Diana Rutherford

  • Company: Realty One Group Prestige
  • Position: REALTOR Director
  • Committees: Young Professionals Network
  • Leadership: YPN  Chair

Professional Standards Candidate Statement: Leadership is my blood and inspiring other Brokers to be the best version of themselves in both business and family is my passion. I would be honored to bring that passion and voice to the table and represent other Brokers in our association who have that same intention and love for our industry.

Melissa Spino

  • Company: eXp Realty
  • Position: REALTOR Director
  • Committees: Professional Standards Committee

Professional Standards Candidate Statement: It is with enthusiasm and dedication that I express my desire to assume a position with the Clark County Association of Realtors Board of Directors. Having actively served on the Professional Standards Committee for over two years, I understand the importance of upholding our industry’s highest standards. With a strong commitment to ethics and solid rapport with both clients and peers, my aim is to help foster an environment of collaboration and growth for our members. It would be an honor to contribute to CCAR in a leadership role, learning and joining other Directors in bringing value to our community.

Nomination for the 2024 CCAR Board of Directors are closed but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider applying in the future! Are you interested in making a positive change and having an active role in your REALTOR® Association? Get involved NOW and get some experience, enhance your skills, grow your network and explore your passions by JOINING A CCAR Committee