CCAR History

Serving for over 100 years

The Clark County Association of REALTORS is a prominent organization in the real estate industry, serving the real estate professionals and property owners in Clark County, Washington. Founding in 1921, CCAR has a rich history of promoting professionalism and ethical standards among its members while advocating for the interest of the real estate community. 

Over the years, CCAR has played a pivotal role in shaping the real estate landscape in Clark County. It has provided valuable resources, education, and networking opportunities to its members, enabling them to excel in their careers. Additionally, CCAR has been actively involved in community outreach and charitable initiatives.

As an influential advocate for real estate issues, CCAR has worked to ensure favorable policies and legislation for the industry. Through its history, the organization has adapted to the evolving real estate market and technological advancements, keeping its members well-informed and competitive in their field.

In summary, the Clark County Association of REALTORS has a storied history of supporting real estate professionals, fostering ethical practices, and contributing to the growth and development of the real estate sector in Clark County, Washington

CCAR History


Jan. 14, 1921 (your association’s NAR charter date) – NAR’s Board of Directors approved a membership application from the Vancouver Realty Board, with 21 charter members.

May 5, 1938 – NAR’s Board of Directors approved a new membership application from the Vancouver Realty Board, with 17 charter members.  The board’s jurisdiction covered the city of Vancouver and Clark County, and according to its membership application it was established in April 1937.

Nov. 12, 1963 – The Vancouver Realty Board’s name changed to Vancouver Board of REALTORS®.  At the same time, the board’s jurisdiction expanded to cover all of Clark County and the southern half of Skamania County.

Feb. 5, 1974 – The Vancouver Board of REALTORS®’ name changed to Vancouver-Clark County Board of REALTORS®.  Vancouver’s jurisdiction was also revised to include only Clark County.

Feb. 4, 1985 – Vancouver–Clark County Board of REALTORS®’ name was changed to Clark County Board of REALTORS®.

1999 – Name changed to Clark County Association of REALTORS®.

Jan. 14, 2021 – Clark County Association of REALTORS® turns 100!

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