Current Legislative Priorities


Housing inventory and supply are crucial because they directly influence affordability. When supply lags behind demand, prices surge, making housing less accessible for many, exacerbating housing inequalities, and impacting overall economic stability. Additionally, a balanced supply of housing is essential for economic growth, as it fuels construction and related industries, creating jobs and supporting community development.


Short-term rentals can positively impact communities by stimulating local economies through increased tourism and business for restaurants, shops, and services. They often lead to property revitalization and maintenance, as owners have a financial incentive to keep their units in excellent condition, contributing to the overall appeal and well-being of the neighborhood.

Comprehensive Plan

REALTORS should pay attention to comprehensive plans as they provide a roadmap for a community’s future development. Understanding these plans enables REALTORS to advise clients on property investments that align with the long-term vision of an area, helping them make informed decisions and potentially maximizing property value in the future.


REALTORS voice can impact the Growth Management Act (GMA) as it directly influences land use and development policies in many regions. Staying informed about GMA regulations and changes is essential for REALTORS to effectively guide clients through complex zoning and development issues, ensuring they make sound investments and navigate the real estate market successfully


Policies that support a safe community are vital as they create a secure environment for residents and businesses, enhancing the quality of life and fostering social well-being. Safety not only encourages community development but also attracts investment and drives economic growth, ultimately benefiting all members of the community.

For REALTORS, protecting private property rights, strategic land use, and business issues is not just important – it’s fundamental to our profession. 

Private property rights are at the heart of what we do. They enable us to represent clients effectively, facilitating transactions that form the basis of our industry.

Strategic land use is crucial for shaping communities. REALTORS play a pivotal role in advising clients and policymakers on how best to utilize land for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Smart land use not only enhances property values but also creates attractive, sustainable neighborhoods.

Moreover, business issues such as fair regulations, taxation, and zoning affect our livelihood. By advocating for policies that support the real estate industry, we ensure our ability to serve clients and contribute to economic growth. In essence, protecting these aspects is not just in our interest; it’s our responsibility to ensure the well-being of our clients and the communities we serve.


CCAR’s advocacy efforts are powered by RPAC, the REALTOR Political Action Committee. Investing in RPAC is a direct investment in our profession and the future of real estate. The PAC amplifies our collective voice, enabling us to advocate for policies that protect property rights, promote responsible homeownership, and support a vibrant real estate market. By contributing to the PAC, REALTOR members are empowered to engage with lawmakers, influence legislation, and champion issues vital to our industry.

Through this investment, we ensure that real estate remains a thriving, dynamic sector, benefiting not only REALTORS but also the communities we serve. It’s a strategic way to safeguard our livelihoods, protect property values, and uphold the principles that underpin our profession. In essence, supporting the Realtor PAC is an investment in our future and the continued strength of the real estate industry.