Drone Use May Be on the Rise

Real estate pros have increasingly been using drones to capture aerial photos and videos of their listings or even the interiors. New Federal Aviation Administration rules may even allow for greater use too.

The FAA has recently eased some restrictions and expanded some drone rules by authorizing operations at night as well as over people and over moving vehicles. A new Window to the Law video—produced by the National Association of REALTORS®’ legal team—shares how this could expand drone use among real estate professionals.

However, the timelines vary as to when some of these new rules take effect.

For example, FAA’s new Remote Identification Rule will not go into effect until Sept. 15, 2023, to allow drone operations over people. It requires drones to transmit identifying information about the drone and its operator. This would be accessible by law enforcement agencies to identify any unsafe operations. Many newer drones will have a built-in remote identification broadcast function.

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