A graphic showing the October, 2023 market statistics which is repeated in the text below the image.

As part of your CCAR and RMLS memberships you receive access to monthly market action reports from RMLS. CCAR condenses these market reports down into sharable graphics that you are encouraged to download and share with your clients, or share on your social media accounts. 

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Historic data is available on the CCAR website.

Here’s what CCAR President Curtis Ambrose had to say about the October market:

“The prime driver of the activity – or lack thereof – in our current markets is high interest rates. Today’s interest rate environment is causing those who might otherwise want or need to move, but who have locked in a rate in the 2s, 3s, or 4s, to stay and wait for rates to come down before moving, while buyers are being hit with the double-whammy of high prices and high interest rates holding down affordability. Lowering interest rates coupled with more housing production would help to free up available inventory in Clark County.”