Clark County Comprehensive Plan Update

Clark County is going through the process of updating its comprehensive plan in accordance with the Growth Management Act (GMA). The plan is due to the Washington State Department of Commerce on June 30th 2025. This plan sets out how the county will accommodate growth over the next twenty years. This determines land use, infrastructure, and allowable uses on property throughout the county. The first part of the process will look at population forecasts from the Office of Financial Management followed by employment forecasts. This is a very important planning tool, and the county hopes to garner as much public participation as possible. Below you will find information on the comprehensive plan update, public participation plan, and the current adopted plan, last updated in 2016.


City of Vancouver Will Review Code, Planning Commission Looks at Code Changes for Evergreen and Grand Boulevard Commercial Corridors

The City of Vancouver has contracted with WSP to complete an extensive review of building and land use code for the City of Vancouver. This will also coincide with the City of Vancouver’s own comprehensive plan update. Click here to read more

The City of Vancouver is changing and last week the City’s planning commission reviewed the following presentation: Evergreen and Grand Commercial Corridors Strategy Implementation. The planning commission hopes these changes will spur more mixed use development in the area. The proposed code changes reflect a desire to make both corridors modern, dense, and walkable. However, the code proposal encompasses a drastic decrease in the amount of future parking available for both corridors.

City of Vancouver Maintains Ban on Large Scale Warehouses, Eases Threshold from 100,000 sq ft to 250,000 sq ft

City staff will aim to present code changes to the council within the six-month moratorium.

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