One of Washington REALTORS® priority legislative bills is HB 1335, sponsored by Rep. Valdez (D) and Rep. Rude (R), which is scheduled for a hearing on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND AT 10:00 AM.

CALL TO ACTION:  The 2021 Legislative Session has us working in a virtual format and we need your help letting our Legislators know that our members support HB 1335. 


HB 1335 has to do with racial covenants or deed restrictions preventing homeownership by racial minorities and are an explicit legacy of racial discrimination in housing. While such covenants have been ruled unconstitutional and unenforceable, they are still on the title of properties in Washington State. HB 1335 would create a statewide review of recorded real estate documents to provide notification to homeowners whose properties have a racial covenant, and to inform them of how such a covenant can be repudiated through the county administrative process created by the Legislature.

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