REALTOR® PAC Payment Plan

Don’t throw your money away – invest in your business!

It’s easy to waste $83.33 a month.  Coffee, eating out, impulse buys – where does it go?  Put that money to good use by investing in your business.  Sign up for the REALTOR® PAC Payment Plan and for just twelve easy payments of $83.33 you can become a Major Investor! There’s no simpler way to invest. REALTOR® PAC protects your business, promotes property rights and saves you money!

Want to learn more? Watch the REALTOR® PAC payment plan infomercial (written and produced by CCAR)!

To sign up, go to today!

(Note: The payment plan can be used for any amount and investments can be broken down into a single, quarterly or monthly payments.  If you would like to invest at one of the recognition levels, they are $100, $250, $500 and $1,000.)

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