Political Advocacy

One of the key services offered to members by the Clark County Association of REALTOR® is research and information on governmental activities, and representation before local governments by Government Affairs Committee Members and a Governmental Affairs Consultant (GAC).

CCAR government action policies are developed through the Governmental Affairs Committee and reported to and approved by the CCAR Board of Directors. CCAR positions and policies in support of private property rights and to the right of REALTORS® to conduct business are advanced pro-actively through contact with public officials, BOD resolutions, press releases, position papers and information forums and testimony before public bodies.

The objective of the policies is to increase REALTOR® visibility within governmental entities and with the public, influence change when appropriate to ensure the continued protection of property rights, and support reasonable community planning and infrastructure development to promote affordable housing.

CCAR members are informed of issues and actions via this website, the weekly newsletter, email and at membership meetings.


Legislative Fix to the Hirst Case: Posted 02/27/17

Welcome to “Water week” We wanted to give you a heads up on a few items that will be coming your way this week, all of which have to do with a Legislative Fix to the Hirst Case, which in some counties has shut down any home building in rural areas.

  1. Please take a few minutes and peruse www.fixhirst.com. This is a great website that lays out how Hirst is impacting each County, and a description of the fixes we are looking for. This website is put together by BIAW.

vps-logoDEADLINE APPROACHING TO VOTE: Posted 02/10/17

Just one week remains to vote on Vancouver Public Schools’ bond measure, Proposition 2. The election is Tuesday, Feb. 14.


Ballots may be returned by:

  • Mail (postmarked by Feb. 14)
  • Drop box or at the Clark County Elections Office by 8 p.m. on Feb. 14

e9325810-1f95-40f1-ba4c-69d29f3a8efbCCAR formally endorses Ridgefield & Vancouver School Bond Measures: Posted 02/03/17

On February 14th, multiple school initiatives will be on the ballot all across our county – Vancouver, Camas, Ridgefield, and Battle Ground. The Clark County Association of REALTORS has formally endorsed the efforts in Vancouver and Ridgefield, and supports all responsible efforts to fund the schools that make our communities great.

If you have received your mail-in ballot already, please make sure you complete and return as soon as possible. Many of these efforts require higher levels of approval, such as a super-majority of 60% “yes” votes and participation levels of at least 40% compared to the November 2016 election, so every vote truly does count.

Government AffairsCCAR & Washington REALTORS meet with legislators: Posted 01/20/17

Your voice counts! REALTORS met with our local legislators today. Bills on higher B&O taxes, higher capital gains taxes, and much more were front and center.

Recent successes include:

  • Stopping a 20% increase on the B&O Tax
  • Beating back a 7% tax on the profit of second homes & investment properties
  • Funding the Washington Center for Real Estate Research for another 10 years

home-town-advocacy_big-hero-imageCurrent Issues for 2017: Posted 02/08/17

Washington REALTORS® 2017 Legislative Priorities

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Oppose Increase in Service Rate B&O Taxes

Governor Inslee proposes to increase the B&O tax rate on service businesses from 1.5% to 2.5%– a whopping 66% increase. The state’s B&O tax is a regressive tax on small business, especially for REALTORS who because of the structure of the state’s real estate license law, do not qualify for the small business B&O tax credit. REALTORS strongly oppose placing an increased B&O tax burden on just one sector of Washington’s economy.

wa-john-blomWashington REALTORS Support One of their own for County Council: Posted 11/08/16

For the 1,700-member Clark County Association of REALTORS® (CCAR) in southwest Washington state, supporting John Blom for County Council was a no-brainer.  As REALTOR®Champions go, there could hardly be a more obvious choice:  Blom is the current President of CCAR, and has served as co-chair of its Government Affairs Committee for the past three years; he is a director of Washington REALTORS®, and serves on multiple Presidential Advisory Groups for the state association, as well as its Legislative Steering Committee; at the national level, he serves on the National Association of REALTORS®’ Land Use Committee.  An RPAC Major Investor since 2013, Blom has been integral in helping CCAR achieve record-breaking annual investment. When John decided to run for office, the REALTORS® were there to support him.

2016 Class of NAR Government Affairs Directors & Association Executives include our own CEO: Posted 09/22/16

Say hello to the 2016 Class of Government Affairs Directors and Association Executives including our own CEO Jo Ann Johnston. We encourage you to call on us if you have any question about the REALTOR party. Just this year CCAR has hosted a candidate forum, submitted testimony to the County Council addressing concerns about the Comprehensive plan, worked closely with the CREDC (Columbia River Economic Development Council) to bridge a $30,000 funding gap as well as gathering and delivering area data to our counties Commission on Aging via polling and a presentation in August.

candidateendorsementCCAR Endorsed Candidates: Posted 10/25/16

Interviewed by our Government Affairs Committee and ratified by our Board of Directors: Announcing the full slate of Clark County Association of REALTORS endorsed candidates. Your vote matters! — with John Blom, Annette Cleveland for State Senate, Brandon Vick, Eileen Quiring, Ann Rivers, Lynda Wilson, Liz Pike, Paul Harris, Alishia Topper, Sharon Wylie for State Representative andElect Sam Kim.

commissiononaginglogosm_002CCAR gives report to Commission on Aging: Posted 08/16/16

REALTOR and CCAR Past-President Sherri Adams presenting about senior real estate needs in Clark County to the Commission on Aging.

Clark County, as everywhere in the country, is anticipating a huge surge in the number of residents 60 or better. Today, one in six residents is 60 or older, and the number will increase to one in four by 2030.

With a silver tidal wave coming our way, the then-Board of County Commissioners appointed a nine-member Commission on Aging in June 2012. The commission is charged with implementing the 91 strategies of the Aging Readiness Plan to improve the community’s capacity to support its growing older population and ultimately benefit all ages.

GAPAGECCAR delivers statement on the use of OFM numbers for GMA: Posted 05/24/16

Jo Ann Johnston, Executive of the Clark County Association of REALTORS delivers statement on behalf of members at Tuesday’s Clark County Board of County Councilors and County Planning Commission meeting. To view the session go to https://youtu.be/amkELdJR0bY

Growth Management Act (GMA)

In 1990, Washington adopted the Growth Management Act, RCW 36.70A (GMA). The GMA requires certain counties and cities to develop and adopt comprehensive land use plans that anticipate population and employment growth needs. Plans must look forward at least 20 years.

The GMA requires comprehensive plans to consist of these elements: land use, housing, capital facilities, utilities, rural (for counties), transportation, economic development and parks and recreation (36.70A.070 RCW).

Public Invite FinalCCAR to hold a candidate forum open to all: Posted 05/02/16

All candidates running for state legislation positions in Clark County Washington are invited to participate.
This nonpartisan forum will focus on the real estate and small business issues of governance in Clark County. At this forum, candidates will have the opportunity to describe how they, once elected, will exercise the authority of their office to work for the benefit of the residents of Clark County and their district.

CCAR is part of the National Association of REALTORS®, Americas largest trade organization representing over 1.1 million members. Working for America’s property owners, we encourage and inform the active participation of our members and the public in government. We influence public policy through education and advocacy for the purpose of preserving the free enterprise system and the right to own real property.

Current Issues for 2016: Posted 02/02/16

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Washington REALTORS® 2016 Legislative Priorities

Death & Taxes: Only Once Please (HB 2539; SB 6367)

For decades, the transfer of real estate upon a person’s death has been exempt from the real estate excise tax (REET). The Legislature sought to clarify this law and preserve this exemption in 2014, but based on how such transfers are documented, some local governments and the Department of Revenue have concluded that for some properties the REET applied twice – first when the homeowner dies, and then a second time when the heirs sell the property. Like death itself, paying one of the country’s highest REETs once is enough! REALTORS® are working with a broad coalition of real estate interests to fix this problem in the REET statute.